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Past Workshops

Scoring, Critiquing, and Judging Workshop January 27, 2010

Panel and group discussion on scoring, critiquing, and judging in camera clubs and in international competitions. Panelists were Jean Timmermeister, Roger Hartman, and Kelly Delanty. You can hear the 72 minute audio recording of this discussion by clicking here. The link to the handout for the workshop is here.

Wokshop on shooting fog and other weather conditions, February, 2009.

Click here to read Barbara's outline (pdf)

Workshop on photographing landscapes and closeups, conducted by Charley Gurche.

Click here to read Charley's outline for this workshop (pdf)

Thoughs on Evaluating Photographs, by Charlie Gurche
Charlie gives some additional ideas on evaluating photographs, beyond what we get in our regular competition meetings. We normally concentrate on technical aspects in judging and image. This listing covers the even more important issues of design, creativity and conceptualization.

Field Exercises from Charlie Gurche
A collection of interesting field trip exercises to get you to see in different ways.

Our summer picnic 2002 workshop was on Outdoor Portraiture, conducted by Ira Gardner.

Click here to read Ira's notes for this workshop.

Tim Bailey of Camera Craft gave a workshop on the caring for and maintaining of photographic equipment.

Click here to read Tim's notes.

The workshop held on August 18, 2004 provided ideas for photographing running water, such as waterfalls, steams and fountains.

Click here to read Barbara Murray's notes.

The discussion on January 26, 2005, led by Barbara Murray, was on the subject of macro photography.

Click here for a chart of equipment used in macro photography.

Click here for additional notes from this workshop.

“Birds in Your Backyard and Beyond”, presented by Christine Haines and Steve Shining.

Attracting Birds to Your Backyard

Barbara Murray's methods of reducing background distractions.

5 Ways to Blur Your Backgrounds in Close Shots

"Spokane at Night"  --  How to Photograph It

by John Moore


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