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April 2016 Board Meeting Minutes
04-14-2016, 12:35 PM
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April 2016 Board Meeting Minutes
Minutes of the April 6, 2016 Board Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 6:03 pm by President, Jon Lepper

Members present: Jon Lepper, Lynn Nordhagen, Don Burnell, Jan Tenold, Tim Lesser, Steve Shining, Barbara Murray, Randy House, Dora Davis, and Dennis Isip

Members absent: Tim Bailey

Minutes of the March board meeting were read by Jan Tenold and approved with the following changes: a) We will be providing dinner for Salon judges but NOT for their guests and b)Randy will define the subjects for the month for next year and bring them back to the board for discussion.

Treasurer’s report by Tim Lesser: $2593.38 in checking and $75 in savings.


Salon. Lynn gave us an update on Salon. The caterer has been changed to Becky’s Catering who is charging $9.50 per person for food plus $1 for use of real plates. Other costs are: Printing at about $50, room charge at $165, plus trophy engraving and ribbons. The total charge for salon to each person will be $25. Lynn will be asking for volunteers for specific tasks at tonight’s meeting.

Rocky Mountain School of Photography Workshop. Total attendance was down to 66 attendees but everyone who went to the event thought it was great.


Expenses for the club website. Doug Oriard, our fabulous webmaster, expects costs to increase slightly due to new security features needed to keep up with industry standards. It will cost $39.99 to upgrade our service and $120 for web hosting. Barb moved that we cover the expenses for the website as presented and to authorize Tim to reimburse Doug for any past website expenses he may have incurred out-of-pocket. Motion passed.

Program for May 4 meeting. We will be choosing subjects of the month for the year 2017-2018. Jon suggested that, for a program, we ask 4 or 5 people to present a short trip travelogue. He will ask for volunteers at tonight’s meeting. We decided that the easiest way for volunteers to present their photos would be using a thumb drive.

Definitions for Subject of the Month 2016-2017. Randy presented his proposed definitions for next year’s subjects. Since our meetings have been extended into the month of May next year, Randy suggested “milky way” for the May topic. We unanimously accepted Randy’s definitions as presented and decided to let the general membership decide on the 2017 May subject of the month at the May 4 meeting this year.

Competition Rules Review. This discussion was moved to the May board meeting.

Education Committee. Email ideas for education programs to either Bev Hardin or Jan Tenold.

Meeting adjourned at 6:50 pm.

Minutes recorded by Jan Tenold, secretary
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