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September 2015 Board Meeting Minutes
09-23-2015, 07:34 PM
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September 2015 Board Meeting Minutes
Minutes of the September 2, 2015 Board Meeting

Meeting called to order at 6:05 by President Jon Lepper

Members present: Jon Lepper, Lynn Nordhagen, Don Burnell, Jan Tenold, Tim Lesser, Steve Shining, Barbara Murray, Tim Bailey, Randy House, Dora Davis, Dennis Isip

Members absent: None

Minutes of the May board meeting were read by Jan Tenold:

Don Burnell moved to approve the May minutes with the following changes: No board members were absent in May. The minutes were approved as amended.

Treasurer report given by Tim Lesser:

$1848.26 in checking; $75 in savings; $80 in undeposited funds. We currently have 30 paid members and 5 lifetime members.


1. Photograph America Subscription

Tim Lesser asked for guidance on whether or not to update our subscription to “Photograph America”, a travel documentary which is posted (for members only) on our website. The update would include 4 new travel documentaries for $40. We agreed that Tim would ascertain the current status of the subscription and pay the renewal if it is possible.

2. Waiver for posting copyright materials on the SCC website

Jon has spoken to an attorney about our liability if copyrighted material is posted on our website. We will post a “take down” notice which means that if someone sees a copyrighted photo on our website we agree to take it down.

3. The current SCC Manual

Lynn is working on this. The issue was raised of what do we do with people who haven’t paid. Don moved that we take names of unpaid members off the list by the Nov 4 meeting. Motion carried.


1. One free ticket to the 4C’s seminar to be held Oct 9 to 11 will be raffled off tonight.

2. How to acknowledge lifetime members (30 years or more)?

Randy suggested we write a newsletter article on each person. Jon and Randy will discuss the logistics of this.

3. Shall we extend our monthly meetings into May starting in 2016-2017?

Don moved that we extend our meetings into the month of May starting in 2016-2017 with digital night only in May (no print night) followed by Salon. Motion carried.

4. Shall we provide free membership for services rendered by certain members?

Everyone agree that so many members do so much for the club that it would be too difficult to decide who would qualify for this honor.

5. Lynn has agreed to by Salon Chairperson for this year. Yay!

Don suggested we check out Millwood Presbyterian Church as a possible location for Salon this year.

6. Nametag person and greeter.

Jon will ask for volunteers.

7. Logistics of parking

Please park on street if you are able. To get back out of the gate, walkers need to exit at the same time a car exits the gate.

Meeting adjourned at 6:55 pm.

Minutes recorded by Jan Tenold, secretary
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