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Evaluation - How will we evaluate images? A very important question.

Every image can be evaluated in terms of:

1) Technical - is it sharp where it should be (what affects sharpness?) exposed well? (somewhat subjective) Could it be technically improved? How?

2) Design - What elements of design are present in image? Which elements are most important in the image? Were these strengthened? How specifically? (Camera angle, Lens choice, Cropping choices, Balance, (subject positions & proportions, etc) Which elements could be strengthened more? How?

3) Light - What kind of light is used? What is the light doing to the subject? Is it helping or hurting the image? In what way? What would it look like in other kinds of light? How would different light affect each element of design? What would be some optimal light conditions for this image? Why?

4) Creative - Is the image unique in one or more ways? What specifically? How could it be photographed in a more creative, less generic way?

5) Conceptual - is something communicated? Expressed? Is there a theme, idea, emotion, information that is strongly conveyed? Do we strongly respond to the image? In what way? How could concepts be strengthened? Goal is to evaluate photographs in this way whenever we look at them, and especially your own. Learn from mistakes or weaknesses in each of the above categories by evaluating your ‘failures’ in this way and trying to determine why they ended up as outtakes. Posted by permission of Charlie Gurche, 2/9/2010


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