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Education Page

This page offers some great opportunities to explore photography outside of the regularly scheduled meetings. Below is a list of websites covering a wide range of photography topics. There is also a travel photo page to help you find places to photograph. The competition results pages have audio commentary on how to improve your photography... real life comments from professional photographers.

Travel photography guide

Competition results with audio commentary

Links to Photography Websites - free information and education on Photoshop and digital photography

Digital Photography School -- Learn how to use your digital camera, how to compose your shots, how to select and control the lighting, and more. For example, learn more details about composing your photos in this section.

Cambridge in COLOUR -- A learning community for photographers. This site has some really good tutorials on using your camera, editing photos, color management, lighting and composition, and more. An example of these highly detailed tutorials is the unsharp mask tool and how it works.

Photography Mad -- Another site dedicated to photography education. Turn page after page of tips on photographing waterfalls, shooting the moon, or tips on composition. -- has great information on lots of subjects, including an expansive area on photography. -- This is a very popular photography website that focuses on in-depth camera reviews. If you are shopping for a new camera, be sure to check this website. They have recently started doing lens reviews as well. In addition, they have active user forums where you can read others' opinions and get help with your own questions. -- Like, this site also has very good camera reviews. They offer even more detail in some reviews, and provide an alternate opinion. They also have a good list of photography news, including new products, event news, and company news. -- Lots of good stuff here for landscape and general photography. The "Techniques" section has some tips on things like photographing bears, shooting fall colors, digital blending, shooting car races and more. The "Tutorials" section has explanations of topics like astro photography, understanding bit depth, color theory, focal length and depth of field, understanding polarizers, and more. -- Don't let the loose-formatted layout fool you -- there is a ton of great stuff here on practical, real-world photography in the digital age. You may not know you were interested in it until you found it here. - This site analyzes the quality of nearly all major brands of lenses and tests them on cameras to see how the camera/lens pair will perform in sharpness, distortion, chromatic aberration and more. If you are trying to decide what lenses to get for your DSLR, this is a good place to check. The link here starts with Canon lenses but you can select any brand. -- There are some very good photography forums on this site. The topics are more varied than on the forums, including travel locations, tips on winter photography, equipment reviews, etc. -- A very good site for reading lens reviews, as well as lots of other photo topics.

Tim Grey Digital Imaging Expert -- Tim Grey sends out an excellent free daily email with tips on using Photoshop, Bridge, and general digital imaging topics. He has also written many popular books on Photography -- -- This page is a long list of great "how-tos" for every photographer.

Photo Locations Guide -- collection of great locations for scenic photography

More Photo Sites -- This page has a long list of popular photo information, photo sharing, photo blogging, and photo gallery web sites.

Past Workshop Information

Thoughs on Evaluating Photographs, by Charlie Gurche

Charlie gives some additional ideas on evaluating photographs, beyond what we get in our regular competition meetings. We normally concentrate on technical aspects in judging and image. This listing covers the even more important issues of design, creativity and conceptualization. See more from Charlie here

Past Workshops

This is a list of some of the past workshops given by Spokane Camera Club members and local photographers.  Notes from these workshops are included.

Photo Sharing Page

This page is a list of photo sharing and photo gallery building tutorials, starting from the most basic sharing to building your own site.

Backing Up Your Photos

This page talks about backing up your photos to another hard drive, or to the Internet.


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