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Travel Guide to Outstanding Photo Locations in the United States

This page is a Google map with pushpins and sample photos of the major scenic photos locations in the Pacific Northwest. It is under construction but currently has many photographic locations in Washington, Oregon and California. Below is a smaller preview of the page. Open the complete page here.

More travel photo guides:

Photo Locations Guide is a site that has locations all over the United States, but they are not mapped as the first item above.

Oregon Scenic Byways is an area of the Travel Oregon site that highlights some of the most scenic areas of Oregon that can be found on driving tours.

Washington Trails Association shows hiking and travel locations throughout Washington, including maps and trips reports.

100 Adventures in the Pacific NW

Wildflower bloom reports, where to find wildflowers to photograph

Lighthouses around the country

Google Street View

View an area before you go there with Google Street View, which is part of Google Maps. You can set a pushpin on Google Maps and then enter street view and "drive" along the road by clicking on it. You can preview many locations this way. If you want to drive farther and faster without having to keep clicking along the road, try Street View Movie. This is a site that automates the process of using Google Street View. Just enter your starting and ending points (login or create a free account first) and click 'start'. If you want to start or end at a random place outside of a city location, you can set a pushpin on a Google map and then copy a GPS coordinate location from that pushpin to the Street View Movie page starting or ending location. Very cool.

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